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Baby Boy Moon and Stars Bubble Balloon

Baby Boy Moon and Stars Bubble Balloon

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This Baby Boy Moon and STars Deco Bubble balloon is a great element for Baby Shower or Little Boy's birthday party. The bubble is made of stretchy see-through plastic. Bubbles inflate perfectly round and have a beach ball-like appearance.

  • Helium Quality can be inflated with either air or helium. Please do not overinflate your balloon.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 22"/56cm

 Sold individually and is uninflated with no air or helium. We provide helium filled service in Auckland Area with extra charge.  Please contact customer service if you need balloon helium filled.


* These balloons do not come inflated; The measurements above are prior to inflation. Balloons become 3D and smaller as they are filled.

*Foil balloons are sensitive to extreme temperature changes. In cold air they may appear deflated; warm air should expand them again. Extreme heat could cause the helium to expand and burst the balloon.

*Foil Balloons may conduct electricity. Do not release helium filled foil balloons outdoors or near overhead power lines.